Thursday, October 23, 2008

HTC Touch

Yeah yeah yeah I know.

The Treo755p is now sitting on my desk.  I picked up a HTC touch on ebay and after playing with it for about 10 mins, paid telus the $10 rip off charge to "upgrade" my handset on their website.
(That charge is another story)

I know I hated windows the last two times I tried it, but this time it seems different... I don't know if it's the 6.1 version, or the fact that the hardware is much better then the last junk box I had.

Installed Agendus Pro again, and it's almost good enough to use.   The email application SPANKS versamail!!  Pushing all happens in the cloud, evernote, etc etc etc.  Software is much fresher and quite pretty.

I'll post more on this after I've had the device for about a week!

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