Monday, October 20, 2008

Safari and Bookmark syncing.

Having been a mac user for about two years now, I have come to really love Safari as my web browser, unfortunialy it has a missing feature. In Firefox there was an add on called “Foxmarks” that totally rocks if you use multiple computers as often as I do and need to keep your bookmarks up to date.

My friend Brad-x and I were bitching about this and Brad came up with an idea about using symbolic links and dropbox.

Guess what? It works!

On the First computer (The one with your bookmarks)

1) Backup your settings. (tar cvf ~/Desktop/Safari.tar ~/Library/Safari)
2) Move the settings to dropbox (mv ~/Library/Safari ~/Dropbox/Safari)
3) Create the link (ln –s ~/Dropbox/Safari ~/Library/Safari)

On the Second (and third etc Computers)

1) Backup (mv ~/Library/Safari ~/Library/Safari-backup)
2) Link (ln –s ~/Dropbox/Safari ~/Library/Safari)

This is all there is to it! One thing I have noticed is if you update a bookmark on computer 1 while computer 2 has safari open it won’t show the new bookmark until you restart safari.

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