Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I had a hard drive crash yesterday on my Old BBS computer.  The operating system I choose for that box is ECS 2.0 RC4 (I keep it updated), I also backup the main BBS parts to my iMac every week or so, and am able to re-install OS/2 and all my apps in about an hour if something happens.

Well needless to say the drive conked out when I didn't want it too, and I found a 10GB "Lawsuit" drive from FUjitsu laying around not doing anything, so proceeded to install it into the computer and get ECS running.

The Fuji is very old, slow and small.  so I kept digging and found a 40GB WD laying on a bench that came out of my daughters machine, so I installed that as a slave and googled to see if there was any utilities out there like "Partition Magic" but that could handle the JFS file system.

I found DFSee.

It was able to clone the JFS disk to another drive keeping the LVM information and everything.  The system booted! 

I registered it right after that.   Currently using it to create backup images of my laptop and
BBS machine and storing them on my 120GB USB drive.  Will make for quick restores!

The interface is very complex, but I recommend checking it out anyway, as if you need a tool like this you will not mind reading some docs / playing with a test computer etc.

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