Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Parrot Easy-Drive

The Parrot Easy-Drive.  

This is not a new product, but something new to me.  One of my business associates is a big believed in the hands free devices for your car, and having watched him use it countless times in his car convinced me I needed this more then I needed a stupid device sticking in my ear flashing blue every 2 seconds.

I didn't want to spend the big money on something that's permanently  installed as I wasn't sure how much I'd like it.  So i opted for the Parrot Easy-Drive as it's simple to install and can be somewhat permanently installed (or at least able to get things out of the way).  

You simply attach a small plastic holder to your dash (With the included 2 way tape) and plug the other end into your cigar lighter.  Once you plug it in the easy-drive will ask you to pair your phone, and within about 3 seconds it's ready for use.

The speaker is /VERY/ Loud and clear, and the microphone is also quite nice.  Only one person is unable to hear me on a regular basis unless I raise my voice and she works in a VERY loud office with people yelling all around her, everyone else has no problems and it's a total god send for me to just be able to leave my phone in my jacket while driving now as I am in and out of my car quite regular.  When I get back in my car after 3-6 seconds of starting the engine the easy-drive beeps at me to let me know it's re-paired with my phone.

I /highly/ recommend the Parrot easy-drive if you are looking for a very affordable yet high quality addon for your car.  (The plus side is I can also use it in my wife's minivan as the button part fits nice in a small "hole" in the dash.)

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