Saturday, September 6, 2008


A while back I watched the video for dropbox on their website and totally wanted in. ;)  It took a number of months and I finally got invited to join.   Since that time I have had a friend of mine give me a webdav account which I've been using, here are my thoughts on the two:

WD - Unlimited space
DB -  Couple gigs.

WD - Manually syncing / copying of files.
DB - Syncs automagicaly to all computers or the web interface.

WD - No web interface, so if I don't have access to the add network places I'm boned.
DB - Web interface.

WD - Fast as hell.
DB - Fast as hell.

Basically at this time (Keeping in mind it's not been long) the winner is Dropbox for the simple fact that I am able to work on the documents on my local hard drive and not have to worry about anything else, they just magically appear on the other computers.  

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