Tuesday, August 14, 2007

U3 Vrs Portableapps.

About a year and a 1/2 ago I saw an online advert for the then new U3 USB flash memory devices and knew it was something I had to have. Drove out to Futureshop and picked up a Memorex Mini travel drive with U3 (512mb).

Installed all my software, synced my documents folder etc. etc. Was pretty darn happy with it even with the shortcomings. When I bought my iMac last December the flash drive no longer worked (U3 has 2 partitions, a emulated CDROM where the Launch pad is stored, and your data partition, unfortunately the iMac only sees the CDrom partition. so I downloaded a tool to remove the U# launchpad and convert it to a standard flash drive.

I then installed the "Portable apps" suite and that worked great on both the windows computers I use at work for my portable applications as well as carrying my data around. Things were fine and this is where I thought I'd stay. I then noticed an update on Memorex's web site that allowed it to work with Vista and I thought, WTH I'll see if it will turn the drive back into a U3 compatible device, guess what? It worked! ;)

Verdict with the iMac? I just plug it in and let XP pick it up from Parallels, and my documents folder is synced again with the U3 software. I'm going to stick with U3 for now, as I like the way the Migo software works for carrying my "Desktop" with me including auto syncing of my documents.


Portable Apps.

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