Saturday, August 11, 2007

More Foleo...

I'm sorry, this blog seems to be turning into a Palm Foleo propaganda machine. I can't help it this is going to be a great device!

I was thinking about all the hype HTC is getting on the HTC Advantage X7501 Mobile Office, people are insane for this device. What is it!? It's the foleo running Windows Mobile, it's more expensive then the Foleo. Granted the HTC has it's own phone built in, but what a large ass phone that is!

Think of the foleo as Palm's version of the HTC Mobile office. The difference being the Foleo needs a smartphone for access to the internet where there is no Wifi available. Is this a disadvantage? I don't think so, again imagine carrying something as big as the HTC everywhere all the time and having to use it as your phone. Granted with a BT headset there's no real difference but as I'm sure you know bluetooth headsets run out of juice when you don't want them too, with a seperate smartphone I can pull over and finish my conversation!

Man I can't wait! ;)

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