Thursday, August 9, 2007

More Foleo news from Brighthand!

Just read this on Brighthand and thought I'd better comment on it before the dweebs convince you it's evil. ;)

>The first device on Palm's new Mobile Companion category of products will be built around a >416 MHz Intel/Marvell PXA27x processor.

This is fine! 416Mhz is not slow. You have to remember this unit is not going to run Windows, and all the bloat that goes along with it. heck it's not even going to run a standard bloaty Linux install. Trust me this is fast.

> this model will have a CompactFlash slot located behind its battery.

Compact flash slot behind the battery! So what if the internal storage is only going to be aprox 128mb. You can cram a 4GB CF card in there for under $20 now. Plus the Foleo takes SDCard, and has a USB port that allows any USB key to operate. We have storage coming out the wazoo now! Imagine, just store all your work documents on a USB key and cram that in all your computers (Most people probably do this now!, or you have a file on your SDCard you downloaded on your treo on the train? Plug it in and copy it to your foleo.

I predict a lot of Linux software packages like VLC will be able to port without a whole lot of work, so expect a full featured video player in no time.

This is a device I'm going to want! ;)

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